Scott & Anna

Young, family-oriented couple ready to adopt

Scott and Anna


Whatever circumstances led you to this spot, we first and foremost want you to know our hearts go out to you as you navigate your options.

We recognize that intertwined with our desire to become parents is someone we have yet to meet. We are ready to honor and welcome you and your story as you consider next steps.

We have talked about adoption for our entire relationship, and promise to raise our future children with unconditional love, support, and opportunities to grow into their individual self.

If you feel a pull to getting to know us a little more, we are eager to get to know you!
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Scott and Anna

It is our hope that you find comfort knowing a few foundational aspects of our life together:

  • We put God first
  • As husband and wife, we have vowed to be on the same team, always
  • We seek to understand several perspectives and angles without judgment
  • Our home hears laughter & LOTS of it. Along with songs. Lots of songs. Made up songs, Taylor Swift songs, Post Malone songs, Worship songs.
  • Our relationship is built on God, respect, communication and fun.
  • Family is so important to us. We both grew up with very supportive and loving families and we enjoy being close in proximity to most of them!

Us in a (tiny) nutshell

  • Began Dating: 2014 | Engaged: 2017 | Married: 2018
  • Children: 0 | Location: NY | Religion: Christian
  • We love: Hiking | Boating | Dancing | Working Out | Family Gatherings | Board Games



In Anna’s words:

grounded, creative, light-hearted, kind, laughs contagiously

Free time includes:

photography, painting, design, traveling, video games

Meal of choice:

breakfast sandwich


creative / marketing

Excited to become a dad and:

share fun family traditions and encourage our child’s dreams



In Scott’s words:

warm-hearted, always helping, great listener, thoughtful, fun

Free time includes:

running, sewing, cooking, reading, traveling

Meal of choice:



high school counselor (bonus- I’ll be on the same schedule as the kids!)

Excited to become a mom and:

travel with our children, read to them and watch them grow up

Scott's Extended Family

Scott’s Family

My entire extended family of 30+ people live within a half hour radius of us.

My parents recently bought land 3 miles away and will be building there soon — we are looking forward to having them right down the road!

I have two younger brothers + 1 future sister in law + 1 puppy-niece and we enjoy hanging out all together often!

Christmas Eve is big deal in my family. All my extended family gets together and we have a huge celebration with gift exchanges, games, catered food and a lot of laughs!

My parents have a timeshare in Aruba and our family tries to go every year!

Anna's Extended Family

Anna’s Family

My parents live less than 10 minutes away and are always ready to jump to do something fun.

I am the youngest of three and we are all close! My oldest sibling lives 20 minutes away with their wife, teenager and recently adopted toddler. They foster and have huge hearts! We love being able to spend time with them. My middle sister lives in Australia with her husband and two sweet babies. They visit often (pre-covid) for months at a time, which is amazing. We hope to go there sometime soon!

Christmas Day with my family is a big deal which usually includes singing traditional Christmas carols and an extensive Italian dinner!

While growing up, my family spent their summers on the St. Lawrence River.


Anna and Scott have a strong ability to tend to social and emotional needs of others which can only be an asset as a parent. They are compassionate, giving, and involved in all aspects of life.

— Courtney (future sister-in-law)

Since I have known this couple I have known that they would bless a child's life immensely. I have often looked up to Anna and Scott in their marriage for the solid foundation and life they have built together....Their communication, their kind hearted spirits, their love for each other, it all shines beautifully

— Kelsey (friend)

Some of the first qualities that I noticed in Scott were his gentleness and his ability to find joy in every activity...Anna is gracious, trustworthy and reliable. She has been there for me as a friend during some of my best and worst moments. She always makes time for her friends and family...Together, Scott and Anna are a warm, kind, and generous couple. Their commitment and love for each other is always clearly visible when I see them.

— Dianne (friend)

Their joyful demeanor is the first and foremost adjective that comes to mind when describing Anna and Scott. They are light-hearted and fun-loving…. In the many excursions our family has taken together we have watched them interact with their nieces and nephew even when the child is struggling with their emotions. Anna and Scott seem to be on the same page with how to respond when it isn’t all fun and games. They are tender and loving and do not shy away from the struggle, even when it is not their own child. Children respond back to them with trust by being able to be comforted in such situations.

— Mary & John (Anna’s parents)

Scott and Anna are two of the most kindhearted and thoughtful people. Their home is filled with nothing but love, warmth, and happiness. Having their support makes you feel invincible and like you can accomplish all of your dreams.

— Chad (Scott’s brother)

Scott and Anna are an amazing couple and best friends who live their lives with faith, love and adventure. Their positivity and zest for life are contagious! They are ready to share their loving home with a precious baby that they will love with all their hearts forever!

— Maureen & Bill (Scott’s parents)

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